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Lupuloweizen Mk I

I tried Philipsburg Brewings’ “Haybag Hefeweizen” about a year and a half ago, and ever since I have had the notion to brew an American Hefe. Haybag was light, grassy/citrusy, but most strikingly it was all but opaque, like yellow milk. I put off brewing a hefe because my friends have limited interest in the style, and because I’m kinda lazy like that… But then I got an idea: overhopped American Hefe with Citra and Mosaic! Well, I may be the last homebrewer who has come to the conclusion of a hoppy wheat beer, but I dont care, I have a twist. Make it extra turbid like I remember Haybag being,and unlike any of the shimmering crystal clear hoppy wheat beers I’ve ever had, aaaaaand ferment it with (dun dun duuuuuuun) some Saflager S-23. Thats right! India Pale Lager Hefeweizen vom Kellar! So many adjectives it’s hard for a homebrewer not to get excited. Anyhow, the plan!


Lupuloqeizen (petite)


%50 Vienna 4°L

%30 Wheat Malt (maybe a little low for the style…. wait, this isnt a style…. move along, nothing to see)

%20 Munich 10°L

……….So it’s gonna be malty, OK?


2 Ounces: Mosaic (Flameout)

4 Ounces: Citra (Flameout)

2 Ounces: Mosaic (Dry Hop in Keg)

…………So it’s gonna be hoppy, OK?  Also note that I used no real bittering addition, so it’s really impossible to even estimate the bitterness contribution of those hops. I tossed in a few pellets of both Mosaic and Citra all throughout the boil because I was bored, but not enough to even calculate, the rest was dumped in at flameout and allowed to “Pseudo Whirlpool” for 20 minutes.

OG 1.050 IBU ??? SRM 6.35

In the lager fridge, just enjoying itself

In the lager fridge, just enjoying itself

It’s been Fermenting for 4 days now and it smells really nice, no sulfer or other ill smells. Hopefully I can give it a diacetyl rest in a few days, let it mellow at a coolish temp for a bit, then rack it onto some dry hops in a keg for fresh consumption, nice and cloudy… Cheers!

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