ugly mug + a beer review

2 thoughts on “ugly mug + a beer review

  1. billyburke23 says:

    Lol I have the Faintest idea how I came across this blog but glad I did!!! I liked your review but was hoping for a little bit more on the processe you used while brewing this “boring” beer. Well can’t wait to see what’s cooking next!
    “Good beer, Good friends, Good night!”

    • Bryan B. says:

      The process on brew day wasnt anything special. Mashed at 149* for an hour and fifteen minutes with no water treatment (I really should start managing my mash ph), boiled sixty minutes with .25 oz of cascades at 7% alpha acid, added 2 oz at flameout but chilled it within 5 minutes so it had minimal effect. Fermented with one pack of nottingham starting at 62*f, after two days I ramped the temp up to 68*f to help it have a fast and clean finish.

      Anything you want to know that I didnt cover?

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