I come from the land of ice and snow

Hello, and welcome to the blog. I am starting this meager project for a few simple reasons, the first being something to keep me mentally occupied during this years long winter. I also just generally enjoy beer, sometime the culture and history of style and presentation more than the product…… sometimes.

In this weblog I hope to showcase and review beer, offer some homebrewing advice, and talk about the issues of Montana brewing and beyond.

I’m not the end all know all of brewing, homebrewing, political brewing news, or even writing in the english language (as you will may have already noticed) But that’s what I hope this blog will give back. I want to banter with people who are smarter than me, I want to keep informed, and I want to know the appropriate time to use a semicolon.

Anyhow, until we meet again, I lift this frosty Doublehaul IPA to you, Sláinte!